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Some features described in this article are only available in later versions of Excel.If your workbook has simple worksheets with ranges of data, to get the most out of your data in Power BI, be sure to format those ranges as tables.

Workbooks must be saved as or file type and be under 1 GB.I’m seeing a lot of referral traffic to this post searching for Excel 2010.If you’re simply looking for where you define or modify named ranges in Excel 2010 (as one commenter indicated in response to an earlier version of this update), it’s on the Formulas tab in the Defined Names area — Name Manager.In Power BI, Refresh Now and Schedule Refresh is supported for datasets created from Excel workbooks imported from a local drive where Power Query (Get & Transform data in Excel 2016) or Power Pivot is used to connect to any of the following data sources and load data into the Excel data model: When you use Power Query (Get & Transform data in Excel 2016) to connect to a data source, you have several options where to load the data.To make sure you load data into the data model, you must select the Add this data to the Data Model option in the Load To dialog box. Or, If you click Edit in Navigator, you’ll open the Query Editor. Then in Load To, make sure you select Add this data to the Data Model. Whenever you use Power Pivot to connect to and query data from an on-premises or online data source, the data is automatically loaded to the data model.

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