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In a now-deleted tweet, he wrote, "Predicted this is what she'd do. Along with his tweets, Jake posted a prerecorded video blog (filmed on Monday) in which he "predicted" that Alissa would try to ruin his life.

Explaining on camera that he would post the video only if Alissa spread "vicious" lies about him, Jake declared that he couldn't stand to see her face anymore, and since their house is technically his, he was making her leave. If you think something's going to happen, predict it before it happens because then it makes them look dumb when it happens," Jake explained of his motivations for filming the video.

Jacob Benjamin Gyllenhaal was born in Los Angeles, California, to producer/screenwriter Naomi Foner (née Achs) and director Stephen Gyllenhaal.

He is the brother of actress Maggie Gyllenhaal, who played his sister in Donnie Darko (2001). His mother is from a Jewish family, and his father's ancestry includes Swedish, English and Swiss-German.

Is it hot in here or is just Jake Miller and Simone Biles?

The two best friends play a hot and heavy couple in his "Overnight" music video, but were they just acting — or is there off-camera chemistry between these two stars?

He also credited himself for Alissa's career, adding, "I took her from 2,000 followers and working at Panara Bread to 5 million followers on social media and making 0,000 a year."Here's the video, which Jake has since deleted: She later posted an emotional note explaining that she often cried herself to sleep while living in the Team 10 house because Jake would hook up with other girls right in front of her.

She also hinted that their relationship was emotionally abusive,with Jake frequently asserting that she'd be nothing without him.

Since the break-up, both have been pouring their heartbreak into their song lyrics, with Jesy's band Little Mix releasing Shout Out To My Ex and Jake penning a track called I Swear She’ll Be The Death Of Me.At the age of eleven, Gyllenhaal made his movie debut in the comedy-drama City Slickers (1991), playing Billy Crystal's character's son.He made an impact in various films in the late 1990s and early 2000s, in films such as the period drama October Sky (1999), his breakthrough performance, and as the title role in the psychological thriller Donnie Darko (2001), for which he received an Independent Spirit Award nomination for Best Actor, playing a psychologically troubled teenager.Neither have wasted much time in doing so, given that they only split in November last year, but it was widely reported before Christmas that Jesy had been romancing personal trainer Bradley Churchill after her bandmate Perrie Edwards introduced them.Vicki - of double act Vicki and Scott - failed to excel to The Voice finals last year after she performed with her best friend Scott Storey in front of Paloma Faith, Boy George, Ricky Wilson and Will.

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